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I love how you introduce the listener to this piece by a more gentle piano melody and some nature sounds. When the bass kicks in, it gives this piece a more stable feeling and when you transfer the piece to its 'main part' by using the more dynamic and energetic piano melody it really got me. I also approve of the way you 'faded in' the drums in this piece, makes the piece feel much smoother in its progression. Considering it is hip-hop it could have become somewhat repetetive but you bypassed this by the 'break' you created with the part starting at 1:00, giving the listener a little time to readjust for the upcoming final section of the song.

What I really LOVE about this piece is that you don't use an overly emphasised base drum or boost the bass through the roof (I experienced that a lot in this genre unfortunately). It is pretty relaxing/pleasing to listen to ~

I really like to listen to lofi when I'm drawing, so I was a bit sad when this track ended so fast already. I could totally see this 'extended' to about 2,5 x its actual time. You did a great job with this one! =)

I don't consider myself a fan of hip hop or rap, but listening to beats without (real) lyrics is something else.
I agree with some of the comments other users already made. Sometimes it felt a bit "muddy" sounding (maybe due to reverb?) and the sub bass was a bit to drawn out at times. Being a headphone user, this - unfortunately - created some unpleasant overlapping of sounds.

Although I enjoyed listening to this piece, I would also say that you could cut the last minute. The length of it made it feel a bit repetetive to me (but maybe this is due to the fact that it's a beat without big changes in melody).

Nevertheless, keep this up. If the other tracks from the album are even "better", it will be great. =)

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