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Pheanir's News

Posted by Pheanir - July 4th, 2021

As the title says, I am deleting all nsfw art from my account on Newgrounds. Everything that's rated either E or T will stay.

That's all.



Posted by Pheanir - January 1st, 2021

... should I create a bullet-hell-style game - or at least a stage or something like that - for my compositions or one of my compositions?

I have thought about this in the past, but I'm not sure.



Posted by Pheanir - December 5th, 2020

A couple of my latest compositions have been frontpaged recently, which I am pretty surprised about but also grateful for. What I don't get is that the piece I put the most effort into (so far) has been voted to be the least liked, with a tendency to a further decreased rating overall.

This makes me question my music, because -obivously- people seem to prefer compositions I am not too thrilled about. I don't compose to please others, unless commissioned; is my own taste in music that different from what the majority of people like?


Posted by Pheanir - November 22nd, 2020



Posted by Pheanir - August 11th, 2020

Submitted this track

and failed to make it through the knock-out stage (the very 1st to submit anything).

My average score for it is 5.53, the three judges in charge gave me


8.1/10 and



Overall it's fine, of course, and I wish every contestant who made it good luck, but it definitely scratches at my self-confidence more than just a little bit.



Posted by Pheanir - July 23rd, 2020


What do you think?



Posted by Pheanir - July 21st, 2020

I appreciate every kind of constructive criticism/feedback. Some things were mentioned much more than others, so I will try to clearify them for once.

"Your music could use a bit of better mixing." or "Try to normalize the sound so it sounds more rounded and louder."

I totally agree. The reason why I am unable to give my compositions much better mixing is simply stated: I lack the equipment and cannot afford it. I really can't and I hate that. My setup was - and still is - extremely provisional and I am happy that I am able to record my ideas in the first place.

I normalize all (!) my compositions. I have sensitive ears, though, and cannot stand it when my music is too loud, especially the high notes or the bass - it actually hurts. So sorry, no changes in this regard from my side.

"I'd suggest not to use a fade out to end your composition."

Generally I would agree, but there are enough other better-known artists out there who do the same and nobody complains about it. My main inspiration for composing, ZUN, composes a lot of looped pieces for his games. If I was feeling particularly ironic/cynical, I could start uploading extended 15-minute-versions of my compositions instead. Nobody would want that. I try to end some compositions "properly", but it always feels off to me. So please, don't suggest this to me over and over.

"The drums in your pieces could have been a little stronger in the mix."

Again, this is due to my crappy equipment which makes it nigh impossible for me to balance those things. I try my best, but I am not willing to adjust thousands of drumset notes individually.

"There is too much going on at the same time."

This usually appeared on my older, re-made compositions. I am working on this and will try that future compositions won't sound as crowded in the instrument section.

If there is anything else you guys want to let me know, I'm glad to take in feedback I can use at any time. I just needed to vent about this a little.



Posted by Pheanir - July 2nd, 2020

Just a heads up for you guys that I changed the prices for commissions to fixed prices. I also added some info for objects in inmages.

"Objects the characters interact with or which are vital for the commission do not count as part of the background and won’t be charged extra."

FULL PICTURE COMMISSIONS will always cost 10 € Euros independent of the number of characters, the maximum of 3 characters still applies.

MULTIPLE POSES BATCHES will always cost 20 € Euros, with a maximum of 2 characters and 4 poses.

Sketch commissions cost 20 %,

line art commissions 50 % and

flat color commissions 70 % of the total commission price.

That's all for now.


Posted by Pheanir - April 9th, 2020

Is it because of my music or because of my art? What is it that made you follow me?



Posted by Pheanir - March 16th, 2020

From what I have experienced myself here on Newgrounds when posting artwork (especially nsfw) and from what I have gathered by talking to other NG users, it seems like the "art portal" is for pussies and boobs only.

It makes me want to delete all my artwork here that doesn't show a naked female character; which is, like, everything.